The sound near my win —
dow. The blue jay sips water
From the off-white sill.

Friday. I don’t want
To punch another

Clouds against the sky — Everywhere…

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Seeing as I woke up at 3 AM on a Monday, I figure it’s time to write a post and let the world know what I’m reading this week. That’s the normal response to insomnia, right? Sure.

I read 2–3 books a week, sometimes more. If there’s anything consistent to my reading it’s that I don’t always seek out new books, but instead I will return to old authors, and particularly philosophers (cough…Derrida…cough), for specific reasons; or, as is often the case, I like to re-read the canonical works that I glossed over in college (Ex. Howards End).

Yes, I can be scattered — though I contend that the benefit of being all over the place is that I cover a lot more ground in life than I do by staying in one dreadfully boring lane. …

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Photo Courtesy of Pixabay.

Don’t gripe when you have to stand in line at Whole Foods.

Don’t gripe that it’s snowing in October.

Don’t gripe that your football team lost.

Don’t gripe when the chips are down.

Don’t gripe when the chips are up and you want more.

Don’t gripe when they’re out of Eggland’s Best.

Don’t gripe when it’s hard to get through to customer service.

Don’t gripe that you didn’t get your free play at the casino.

Don’t gripe that no one’s on mute in that WebEx call.

Don’t gripe that you’re not a morning person.

Don’t gripe that The Office is leaving Netflix. …


Tom Robb

Tom is the founder of HAIBUN ZINE. He also contributes to LIT UP, OTHER DOORS, and PROMPOSITY magazines. He resides in Denver, CO.

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