There’s no reason in wasting time on describing 2020 as a year. We know what it was and there’s no need to belabor it. It was a year and let’s leave it at that. But let’s consider, too, the things that happened while we were waiting for the future.

January and February were beautiful months and I loved every minute of them. May nearly crushed me. November sucked. And while it’s easy to bang on the sadness, there have been intense moments of clarity this year — times when I realized who I was and what I wanted to fill…

Prabhupada on my

wall; a great Big Mind that sits

beside my own self.

Also stolen from Sunim’s blog. I am shameless.

Hair growing longer,

Curls grey, days stay later than

the winter snow.

Coffee urn burns. Smell

Of life before life; waiting

For the world to start.

What thoughts I have

When I see the news and think:

Good for all of you.

Attention! When you

feel it’s all gone downhill — no!


Snowing, but barefoot

In the sun with

Thoughts of Summer.

Tom Robb

Tom is a poet and writer based in Denver, CO.

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